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The Key to an Impressive Charcuterie Board

Let's get down to business. In this BOARD meeting, we will talk strategy about where to place your fruits, where to place your cheeses, and where to place your crackers. All are important when making the perfect grown-up Lunchable.

Important Ingredients

  1. Pick your cheeses, any cheeses! It's fun to have the triangle cut blocks or cheese balls. This adds more shapes to look at. These will go on the board first and the other ingredients will be added around.

  2. Get a variety of crackers. Some wheat, some regular, some circle, some triangle. And I arrange these in a central wave pattern across the board to make some lines.

  3. Let's talk meat. I prefer something easily foldable to fit on my cracker or around the cheeses, like different salami or pepperonis. These can be folded to fit wherever you need them to go on the board. I normally fold these in the same wave pattern next to the crackers.

  4. The most important thing when making a charcuterie board is not what you'd think... Crackers? No. Cheese? No. Meats? No. When finding your ingredients... look for COLOR. I like to go with different colored fruit to add some pizazz to the board. Ex. red grapes, orange slices, blueberries, or raspberries.

  5. Don't forget dip. I love a good bowl of honey, but whatever dip you prefer can go in a small bowl. Ex: Hummus, ranch dip, melted pimento cheese, strawberry/raspberry salsa, or jam.

  6. Last but not lease, I always get nuts to fill in the awkward spaces on the board in the end. Maybe some cashews, peanuts, almonds, walnuts, or pecans. OR get the candied ones. Yum!

And there you have it! The perfect party platter to stun your guests! So fun to make and so fun to eat.

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