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Go-To Workout

Like most people I have a gym routine and a go-to workout. I am not a professional trainer; I'm just committed to working out regularly. I don't do anything crazy; I just don't give up on myself.

If I don't get some cardio, some weights, and some abs, I feel like I'm cheating myself or left something out. So this workout covers all the bases, while rotating leg/arm day.

1. (Cardio first because it's hard-io)

1 mile run on treadmill

2. (Weights)

If it's arm day:

  • 8 reps - bicep curls each arm

  • 10 reps - overhead tricep extensions

(repeat 3x through)


  • 10 reps - lateral arm raises

  • 10 reps - bench chest flies

(repeat 3x through)


  • 12 reps- shoulder press

  • 12 reps- bent over rows

(repeat 3x through)

If it's leg day:

  • 12 total lunges w/ dumbells

  • 12 glute bridge w/ weight

(repeat 3x through)


  • 12 sumo squats w/ kettlebell

  • 12 good mornings w/ weight

(repeat 3x through)

3. (Abs)

  • 40 total sitting twists w/ medicine ball

  • 10 v-ups w/ medicine ball

(repeat 3x through)


  • 40 total bicycle

  • 15 flat-back leg lifts

(repeat 3x through)

Feel free to play around with it. I get bored of one workout, so once I rotate a few leg/arm days, I'll start changing certain exercises to spice things up and work different muscles. Once I got comfortable in the gym, I started using more machines for back and shoulders workouts.

It's just about getting comfortable enough to have confidence, but pushing yourself enough to see improvement. You got this!

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