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Email Campaigns

Need help crafting regular emails to send out to your growing audience?

Want to establish weekly emails to increase sales?

Words don't come naturally to you but you want to prioritize good communication with your clients?

You've come to the right place.



  1. We'll chat about your audience and draft topics.

  2. After I have a firm understanding of your voice and brand, I'll draft a marketing/informative email for your review.

  3. I'll take revisions until it's where you want it to be.

  4. Once you approve, I will draft the full campaign, planning for major events, upcoming sales, and company updates.

  5. Once you approve, you will have ready-to-send emails for your audience.

My Qualifications

 I have created email campaigns, personally and professionally. With experience in the publishing industry, I have significant experience creating successful email campaigns for authors to promote their upcoming book launch, increase sales, and amplify book awareness. I have worked with full-time bloggers, learning their voice and portraying their message as a ghostwriter.


I am an experienced copywriter, editor, and content creator. I have knowledge of websites, communication, and marketing to create the most beneficial email campaign for you.

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  • Basic Email Communications

  • Planned Weekly Email Campaign

My Commitment to You

  • Free consultation and sample.​

  • Payment plan.

  • We will work together as a team.

  • You will receive weekly updates.

  • Professional results.

  • Loyalty, trust, reliability, and encouragement.

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