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Allison Harrell from Tending to the Fire Blog

My story (well part of it).

My name is Allison Harrell. I am a single girl in her mid-twenties trying to navigate adulthood and the weird and wild world, more specifically Austin, Texas. I grew up a small town girl so the city life is new to me *cue Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'"*. With more time on my hands now (college I don't miss you), my mom always saying, "You should start a blog." (thanks for the support Misti), and finally taking the time to sit, rest, reflect, and process my thoughts (thanks COVID), I decided to finally start a blog. 

I really fought this for soOo long because I didn't just want to be jumping on the bandwagon (late, I might add) or hopping on the next trend only to jump off after the first bump in the road. But, I realized I don't want to let fear get in the way or stop me from doing anything. So here we are. 

For years when people would ask me, what are you most passionate about? I would go blank. I knew some people from small group at church had specific passions they felt like God placed on their heart such as caring for the orphans, helping and ministering to the homeless population, serving in Africa, etc. Although I care for those needs of the world too, I felt like I never really had a specific answer that was big enough, good enough, and included all that I wanted to do. Eventually, I would respond with the only sure and certain thing I knew (and your most typical church answer), "Jesus." Now I realize my answer was not cheesy at all. Jesus is the central reason why I do everything I do and the greatest example of who I want to become. 

As I work on myself, I want to help push you to go, grow, and glow, too. It requires willingness, consistency, commitment, and patience to work towards getting where you want to go. We are human. And we. will. fail. Read that again. As we become emboldened by our unique gifts, abilities, and the power of our God we will go out into the world boldy, seeing new places and meeting new faces. As we work on our health and fitness we will grow in strength, both physically and spiritually. And as we nurture beauty both inside and out we will begin to *glow*, radiating light to others around us.

I pray that my words would help to encourage you and challenge you to find new ways to better yourself in every area of your life. Everyone has a light burning inside of them, you just have to take the time to tend to the fire.

"The fire must be kept burning on the altar continuously; it must not go out."

- Leviticus 6:13

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